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Marshmallow Topped Cakes Since 2012

Marshmallow Topped Cakes Since 2012

You'll remember this dessert for a long time!

Fluffy and Sweet, Finished with a Dip in Chocolate

We're making grown up versions of your all-time favorite cupcakes, which require something really good on top. Like out-of-this-world good.

Our cupcakes are topped with a handmade marshmallow that's just the right balance between fluffy and sweet. Our Kosher marshmallows rely on a grass-fed, organic beef gelatin for it's marshmallow-y goodness. Our vegan marshmallows rely on the gelling power of agar agar powder.

Can Frosting Be Memorable?

We like a good butter cream. Unfortunately, it's more often over-sweetened butter in bright colors. Made worse for vegans, where butter cream is most often shortening (eek!) paraded around as a delicious frosting.

Our marshmallow frosting is definitely memorable! Reminiscent of a chocolate dipped ice cream cone or a campfire s'more. One bite into the chocolate shell, and through the soft marshmallow ... you'll remember this dessert for a long time.

Marshmallow > Frosting

Each cake is finished with a dip in chocolate, your choice of semisweet or white, our cakes are unlike any bakery treat you've had. Trust us.

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