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We've made it easy to send a birthday cake!

Celebrate your favorite people in a few clicks, for under $20

Super-sized cupcake

birthday candle

a handwritten note

signature marshmallow top

2 day shipping (most places)

gourmet cupcakes, grown up

Designed to knock-your-socks-off! Made with the world’s finest ingredients--small batch, artisan cakes with exotic flavors and topped with our signature marshmallow.

marshmallow > frosting

It's true, marshmallow is better than frosting. Our cakes feature a hand-made marshmallow. It’s soft, sweet and fluffy. Kosher and gelatin-free vegan marshmallows are now available.

cake is the best gift

100% of people are thrilled to receive cake in the mail! Send a giant 1/3 pound birthday cupcake with free 2-day delivery nationwide. Or subscribe to our cake-of-the-month box and get treats delivered each month.

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